If you cannot explain something to a five year old,
then you do not understand it yourself.
Albert Einstein

Most guitar players spend decades as a NOVICE player. This goal of this website is for you to spend those decades in the ADVANCED range which is the only way you will become a VIRTUOSO.
The SIX Guitar Player Categories
A person who understands how to play the “Open” chords ( sometimes called the “Country” chords. ) They can play songs and go a lifetime without needing to know more.
A person who can play bar chords. They can transpose songs into keys that better match a singers voice. They may know some guitar licks or lead guitar.
A person who understands the MAJOR CHORD PROGRESSION sometimes called the Nashville Number System. This is the most important step for any guitarist or musician. NOTHING is more important than this, not even my BOX SLANT BOX. If you skip this, you will never be happy with your playing.
A person who understands all the places that your fingers can be while playing in or DIATONIC. This means that every note you play will harmonize as you play in a particular key. Even more simply put, an ADVANCED player knows what KEY the music being played is in and where the MAJOR SCALE for that KEY is across the entire neck of the guitar. This is where my BOX SLANT BOX comes into play. They are becoming artists.
A person who knows the basics so well they start wanting to go the rest of the way in their knowledge of music. They know how to convey musical ideas in writing or speech without needing their guitar. They now have all the tools and technique needed by artists.
A person who knows all the rules of music so well that they do not even have to think about them anymore. They are discovering the places in music that the rules no longer apply. They have surpassed the level of artist.
Find where you are as a guitar player and put the time in with your guitar. Almost anyone can learn to play well. Doing things right will get you to your goal faster. If you don't understand something, get someone to help you.

Enjoy and keep on pickin''